MyMinaVit - FAQ

The future of nutritional supplements: MyMinaVit is the result of:

  • Over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of nutritional supplements,
  • the experience of more than 3000 partners from medical practice, as well
  • 8 years of research and development work.

Why did we develop a personalized preparation?

Consumers of food supplements take an average of two to three standard products at the same time as basic care. In most cases, however, these combinations do not cover the entire range of essential nutrient supply. With MyMinaVit you do NOT need additional standard preparations for your basic care. MyMinaVit is the “all-in-one” product for your individual basic care.

Why an individual dosage makes sense and is important

Since most people do not have a structured and scientifically sound statement – neither about their regular nutrient intake nor about their regular nutrient consumption – the intake of nutrients is often far too imprecise according to recommendations. As a result, the intake of nutrients according to recommendations or after a type of “self-medication” often fails to achieve the desired effect. In certain cases, overdoses can occur, which can possibly do exactly the opposite of what is hoped for. Only the exact matching of the individual fabrics to the individual needs achieves the maximum effect. MyMinaVit is your personal daily vitamin and mineral cocktail!

The nutrient check: can you answer individual needs with 26 questions?

Both the number of questions and the choice of answer options have arisen after a long scientific process. Our doctors, nutritionists and biochemists have agreed on this set of questions and answers. They largely fulfill the requirement to include a maximum of information about your eating habits and your lifestyle with as few questions as possible.

From your answers, a complex algorithm calculates your individual nutrient profile from more than 150 parameters and more than 22,500 possible combinations. We achieve a maximum degree of individualization and a perfect fit for your needs.

How is my MyMinaVit made individually?

We understand an individual production to mean that we manufacture the recipe for your MyMinaVit as a one-off based on your calculated nutrient profile. That means: NO production in stock and NO finished mixtures that we assign to your profile.

Each recipe is individually mixed and freshly prepared using a specially developed process. This means that each of the high-quality nutrient substances is dosed individually according to your calculated value. Each recipe is unique, characterized by your 15-digit ID.

What is the best way to take MyMinaVit?

MyMinaVit is a liquid nutrient concentrate WITHOUT sugar and additives. Each of the two bottles of MyMinaVit contains a monthly ration of the vitamin and mineral mix. The daily dose is 8 ml of the concentrate. This covers your nutritional needs. You can consume the concentrate in a variety of ways: Either mix it with water or milk, depending on your taste, sometimes in yoghurt or in muesli, in a shake or with tea.

Isn't MyMinaVit expensive?

No! You get a tailor-made, high-quality nutritional supplement that is unique on the market. The 2-month ration costs you € 129, which means only € 2.15 per day. So only about as much as an espresso, a cheeseburger or the daily newspaper.